s.Oliver new collection

19. March 2019.

In the spring/summer of 2019, the s.Oliver Women collections communicate a "GLOBAL TRAVELLER" spirit. They tell the love story of a German woman who lives in Paris and her boyfriend, who is from New York.

Their outfits are inspired by the countries they visit on their weekend breaks and long distance trips. Throughout, the fashion style focuses on an eclectic clash between athletic and feminine/romantic. Comfort is always important; all of the outfits are cosy and comfortable to wear.

The season starts with feminine ready-to-wear outfits that look fresh and modern thanks to a combination of French nonchalance and American sportswear influences. On their city trip to New York, the outfits also reflect the American spirit in the form of casual sportswear elements such as stripes, blocks of colour or technical fabrics. Later on in the year, the couple go on safari in North Africa, where ethnic influences result in a colourful multicultural style mix with a sportswear-inspired touch. 

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